The 5* Premium Amario Suites Hotel is located on the beach of Aigio, in a fantastic location that is an ideal starting point for exploring the broader region. The area of Aigio, has some unique and particularly noteworthy attractions, which every visitor should experience.

Mega Spileo Estate

At an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, the visitor has the opportunity to visit the Mega Spileo Estate, exploring its exquisite vineyards. Discover the place of provenance of high quality wines, many of which hold significant recognition and awards. It is essential before leaving this enchanting place, to taste some of these wines!

Kalavrita - Ski Center


At a distance of 70 km from the Amario Suites Hotel, you can visit the wonderful city of Kalavrita, one of the most popular destinations of the Peloponnese, which is enchanting in every season of the year.

Kalavrita, which is at the foothills of Chelmos, has unique beauty and is bustling with life, especially during the winter season, due to its modern Ski Centre.


Holy Monastery of Mega Spileo

Every visitor of Aigio cannot start making his way back without first visiting the Monastery of Mega Spileo.

At a distance of 45 km from the Amario Suites Hotel, is the impressive monastery of the Mega Spileo, which is one of the most important places of pilgrimage of Orthodoxy, and is considered to be the oldest monastery in Greece.

Mega Spileo was built in 362 AD and took its name from the cave where the religious icon of the Virgin Mary was found. It has important sacred and national relics of great historical importance, which are worth to visit. In addition, Mega Spileo also has rich vineyards where high quality wines are produced, many of which are award-winning. Before leaving this enchanting place, you have to taste some of the wines!

Cape Drepano Kite Center

If you like living unique experiences and you are passionate about water sports, you definitely have to visit the Cape Drepano Kite Center, which is located in the area of Drepano and it is about 24 km from the Amario Suites Hotel.

The topography of this Kite Center makes it ideal for almost any water sport and especially for Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and SUP. Due to the windy weather, you can enjoy the water sports and the sew vie in the Corinthian Gulf.


Odontotos Rack Railway

One of the most beautiful activities worth planning, if you visit the area of Aigio is a ride with the Odontotos train, which has been in operation since 1896 and is now a historical element of the area. The route followed by this railway is specific and covers a distance of 22 kilometres, connecting Diakofto with Kalavrita, while the view from there can't be compared to anything else.

Odontotos Train crosses the Vouraikos gorge, passing through wild landscapes with waterfalls, tunnels, bridges and tree-lined slopes, while the itinerary does not lack the necessary stops for rest. About halfway along the route, after 12 kilometres, you have the opportunity to explore the settlement of Kato Zachlorou, visit the Holy Monastery of Mega Spileo and enjoy the local flavours in the traditional cafes and picturesque taverns, while there are also smaller stops in between.

Definitely Odontotos is not just a train, it is perhaps the most beautiful route in Greece and an experience that you must try!

Nearby Beaches

A unique additional advantage that characterizes the location of Amario Suites Hotel, is that there are many beaches within walking distance, where you can see idyllic landscapes.

Organized or less touristic beaches, with pebbles in the majority of them, with crystal clear waters, in picturesque villages, satisfy the needs of every visitor.

Some of the most popular beaches that definitely deserve a visit, are Aliki Beach, Akoli Beach, Selianitika Beach - Logos, Lampiri Beach, Temenis Beach, Digeliotika Beach, Valimitika Beach, Nikoleika Beach - Rizomilou Beach, Eleonas Beach, Egali Beach and of course Pounda Beach!

Panagia Trypiti

Within a stone's throw from Amario Suites Hotel, you can visit the unique church of Panagia Trypiti.

In a breathtaking and green landscape, you can see a special church dedicated with reverence to the Virgin Mary.

Without a doubt, the holy person of Panagia is honored more than any other in the Greek religious tradition. It is therefore worth a visit to this church of Megalochari, to see the religion icon of Panagia Trypiti and to discover the miraculous story behind its discovery.

Located Near Patras

For those who wish to combine the advantages and entertainment opportunities of an urban city centre with the tranquility and beauty of the natural landscape of a seaside town, Amario Suites Hotel is the ideal choice. Within short distance from cosmopolitan Patras, it allows you to walk in the city centre and enjoy unique activities for all preferences.

Visit the known Vassilios Georgios Square in the heart of Patras and admire the impressive architecture, do your shopping in Hephaestus street, visit the New Archaeological Museum, where you will have the opportunity to explore the history of the area, and the Press Museum if you are a book lover. Of course, don't miss to try the local flavours in the traditional restaurants, but also enjoy the night life until the early hours of the morning. Whatever you do, it is worth spending a day in Patras!


Tsivlou Lake

Only 25 km from Akrata you can reach a water paradise, one of the most beautiful lakes of the Peloponnese, Lake Tsivlou. The lake came into existence in 1913, as a result of a catastrophic landslide that blocked the bed of the river Crathi and trapped its waters, forming a natural lake of rare beauty.

The magical landscape, composed by the verdant slopes that surround the lake, becomes even more impressive in the winter when the snow gives an alpine feel to this alpine place, while the activities you can do are various and suitable for every season. Hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking and archery are only a few of the activities you can choose from!

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