The ultimate combination of Premium Hospitality & unique experiences.

In the area of Aigio, Amario Suites Hotel, a 5 Star Premium Hotel, offers the visitor a complete hospitality experience. The hotel has 12 luxurious suites, each with a unique design, sophisticated decoration, fully equipped and with premium amenities. In the highly curated, impressively designed Amario Suites Hotel, the great historical past is harmoniously combined with modern luxury, offering a unique and unforgettable hospitality experience!

A building with a great History!

Amario Suites Hotel is housed in an iconic building of high historical value. The history of the building dates back to 1933, when the first foundations were laid. This special building was designed and built by Italian architects.

Initially, it was used as a raisin processing factory, as the area is famous for its production, but it was later abandoned. Then, in the year 1983 it was bought by the Anastasiou family and used in various commercial processes.

Finally, in 2005 the building was declared a listed building and in 2022 the idea of creating the Amario Suites Hotel was born. The founders were inspired by this particular history of the building, creating this special hotel unit.

Accommodation fit for Olympian gods...

Upon arrival at the Amario Suites Hotel, the visitor will immediately feel a special sense of relaxation and tranquility, due to the sophisticated and modern decoration of the spaces, as well as the premium amenities.

The location, with the magnificent view of the Corinthian Gulf and the positive sea breeze, create a feeling of complete well-being for the visitor.

The rooms of the hotel unit, consisting of large windows, are bright, spacious and of high aesthetics.

Of course, the 12 Premium Suites that it has, also offer a view of the sea, the garden, or both, bringing the visitor close to the ultimate experience of luxury. The Deluxe Suites are fully equipped, with premium amenities. The custom-made furnishings, highlight the hotel's modern and refined décor.

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