Wine Experience

Amario Suites Hotel, invites the visitor to live authentic experiences of Greek hospitality, through a premium stay! 

Drawing inspiration from the rich soils of the region and the premium wine production, Amario Suites Hotel has created the conditions for unique Wine Tasting Experiences! In the wider area of Aigio, unique quality wines have been produced for many years. In fact, there are several indigenous varieties, whose winemakers have great experience, while everyone carries their own winemaking culture and the wine is "expressed" in a variety of ways.


The premium accommodation we offer you is sealed through a unique creation of tasty experiences that will be offered to you by the hotel's premium wine cellar.

Amario Suites Hotel, invites the guest to explore a huge range of unique varieties of wines from the Greek and international vineyards! The updated Premium Cellar that the hotel has created, consists of wines from the richest and most interesting wine regions!

In the wider area of Aigio, high quality wines are produced from indigenous varieties, which optimally express the unique terroir of Aigialia, always with respect to nature and man.

The hotel's wine corner offers unique moments of enjoyment and relaxation for every occasion that will awaken the senses and be a reason for discussion. Here the visitor will have the opportunity to taste red aged and fresh wines suggested by our sommelier, as well as fruity aromatic white wines. The choices do not stop there, as there are special options for lovers of rosé wines and for those who will dare to discover mysterious sparkling wines that will seduce them.

Of course, the hotel's Premium Cellar is not lacking the unique quality wines of the Mega Spileo Estate. Wines of superior quality, from a winery with vast experience. Visit the hotel's wine bar and browse through the available wine range of premium wines from the Mega Spileon Estate, enhancing your  experience.



The region of Aigialia is characterized by its special and unique terroir, since its vineyards are the most valuable in Greece. Here, quality and unique wines are produced, which are distinguished for their quality, their rich taste and the fullness they offer when tasted. 

A visit to the vineyards of the region will give you the opportunity to get to know international labels produced here, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc. If you prefer to try Greek labels, then we would suggest Malagouzia or Assyrtiko. Finally, you should not miss out on giving native varieties a chance, such as Mavrodaphne, Mavro Kalavritino and Lagorthi.

During your stay, it is imperative that you see the areas where the wines are produced and of course taste them in the place where they are made. Amario, inextricably linked to the Domaine Mega Spileo, can create tailor made events on request, encouraging guests to be initiated into the secrets of wine tasting and tour the special estates and vineyards. 

A wine tasting experience with us provides you with the opportunity to taste unique labels of Mega Spileo by pairing them with their respective accompaniments, learning the right pairing. The experience is made even more personalized with vertical wine tastings of specific labels from specific vintages that we select for you. 

The journey of wine tasting begins!

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